🔑Genesis Pass

The Genesis Pass is the key to unlocking access to all of our future collections and a private members-only community.

It gives our members the power to become investors, creators, and seekers.

Our members will get access to tangible benefits, ancient teachings, secrets, and digital art that helps lead to self-actualization and connection with the infinite Spirit found within.

The journey ahead with our SEEKERS OF THE ETERNAL community members begins by exploring the esoteric symbols and lessons hidden within the adventures of Hanuman, (The Monkey god) from the most ancient of all epic stories known as the Ramayana.

Genesis Pass holders will gain premium access to projects, SOTE mint discounts, and exclusive tangible assets. There are FIVE levels of rarity, each that becomes supercharged when paired with a Hanuman NFT; please learn more in the BENEFITS section of this Wiki.

We invite curious explorers from every walk of life to join the SEEKERS OF THE ETERNAL community.

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