The Artist, Krishna Chandra Das (aka PALEHORSE)

Palehorse is a professional visual artist with 20 years of experience as a digital illustrator, painter, and street artist creating artwork for top brands, bands, and entertainment companies along the way.

In 2020 Chris (Palehorse) parted with his beloved illustration agent and client projects to pursue a longtime, inner calling towards sacred art creation, dedicated spiritual practice, hosting guided meditations, and the study of Eastern mythology.

Bom with hip dysplasia, Chris spent his early years in a wheelchair and was told by doctors that he would never walk on his own. But thanks to his relentless spirit and surgeries at the Shriner's hospital. he defied the odds by playing baseball, skateboarding, surfing, and playing guitar in touring punk/metal bands.

No stranger to evolving and adapting to new opportunities, the sacred artwork offerings of Palehorse are naturally expanding to explore the unlimited, creative potential of the metaverse through greater community connections, spiritual resources, and meaningful NFT creations.

You can find more information about Chris @

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