⚜️The Team

Jason is an author and a highly successful equity and cryptocurrency investor. He formed the PBJD decentralized autonomous organization which specializes in Crypto and NFT acquisitions. He is currently consulting for Avara Media to build out their metaverse and create the first-ever Augmented reality NFT

Roni is a Web and Smart Contract Developer with more than four years of experience. He is ambitious and passionate about blockchain technology. He has been humble behind-the-scenes dev assisting over 10 NFT projects to fulfill their goals in the web3 space.

Derek is the President of Think Tomorrow Today and is the author of "The Alpha Bet, A simple Guide to Save a Complex World". He is the former owner of a business focused on developing health and wellness and is now an early investor in several startup businesses. He is an avid crypto and NFT investor; and a member of the PBJD DAO.

Brendan is the CEO of a P2E gaming guild in the crypto space, President of the Sizzler Entertainment Group which hosts various community events. He is also part of the PBJD DAO and most importantly; loves community engagement!

Paul is an educator, tech expert, and former Director of Operations for a multinational company. An early investor in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and web3. He is a member of the PBJD DAO. Currently exploring and working on new ways that crypto and web3 technology can be utilized in real world applications.

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